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Confira a Letra Trust In You Trust In

Quirit Julian

Trust In You Trust In

Sweet Jesus what went wrong?
There's a sign on my heart saying nobody's home
She's walking with tears in her eyes
they say she doesn't know me
But I know it's a lie 'cause I see
I see her love and I know
I wonder which one is sane?
When one's so scared and the other so brave
She's got angel wings under her claws
But she's not gonna show them just to prove her devotion
And he he's a hungry lion waiting for prey
And I see
Two choices in front of me
What will it be?
Will I trust in you or trust in me?
What will it be?
Sweet Jesus which is real?
I can't deny the things she makes me feel
We're all looking for a kind of love
That makes you want to run out
and give yourself up
And grace is the lining of your soul
When I'm outside I'm alive
but the air in here is so think with lies
And tonight I surrender to you
To you