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Letras de UNSECRET

  1. Be A Witness
  2. Born To Be Champions
  3. Born To Rule (feat. Vo Williams)
  4. Can You Hear Me
  5. Cut The Heartstrings (feat. Mindy Smith)
  6. Fearless
  7. Feels Like Falling (feat. Erin McCarley)
  8. For This You Were Born
  9. Get Ready (feat. Ivory Layne)
  10. Hang On a Little Longer (feat. Ruelle)
  11. Here Come The Warriors (feat. Sam Tinnesz)
  12. Heroes Never Die (feat. Krigarè)
  13. Jungle Out There (feat. Sam Tinnesz)
  14. Let You Go (Matthew Perryman Jones)
  15. Meet Me At The Top
  16. Never Give Up (feat. Rose Cousins)
  17. Open Your Eyes (feat. Alaina Cross)
  18. Point Of No Return
  19. Revolution (feat. Ruelle)
  20. Till I See You Again (feat. The Powder Room)
  21. Wake Up World (feat. Ruelle)