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Confira a Letra New Glory

I see a holy relic as it shines up
in the sky
Free my people once and all are willing to die
The fire in my eyes will quickly sweep the land
Smoke will fill the sky and we'll proudly take our stand

As one we march thru the streets
with the power of the sun
We'll put forth the boot as the opposition runs
The sun never sets where our flag flies high
Victory is simple as it shines up in the sky

Victory! For the ashes that we left behind
Victory! For the sake of those who fought and died
Victory! For our freedom 'till the end of time
Victory! You'll soon hear our battle cry
All hail new glory!

Lightning will crash from the sky
And the truth will rise above all the lies
Yes my brother we must prevail
'Cos only the strong will ever be hailed
It will be our new nation, built by blood and brawn
And for years to come this will be our marching song
Take it for granted as the same old story
We'll hang 'em high as we hail new glory

So raise the flag once more
And remind us what we're fighting for
As our blood and loyalty reign
Reign forever more!