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Confira a Letra No, You're Lost

You And The Boom

No, You're Lost

It's been two years since my dying words but i trembled when i said
That blue sky's coming down to steal away our breath
And i'm seventeen and i don't want to be right again

I was lifted up that skyway and i shook the hand of god
We shared a drink or two he's friendlier than i thought
And i asked did i die today
He assured me that no
I was lost

How times do i have to die before i realize i'm okay
Thats a few too many chances to take
But i'll take 'em anyway

And i've been through all the beaches here
Through every country home
Through every innner city
To end my search for for hope
And i swear that i've found it
But now that i'm here i just don't know

When i finally pinned it down
I tied it to my writst
We hold hands and we smile
We appear to be good friends
But hope and i we just never get along
We just pretend

The worlds alright and i'm just caught by suprise
And then i realize i'm okay
That was a few too many chances to take
Its like we take our lives and you know what?
We throw em away
And throw 'em all away