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Confira a Letra A Snake In Paradise


A Snake In Paradise

Happiness is peeling off like skin all dry, on a
Sunny day
My demons returns once again speaking with one
Tongue, no way out
Everyday seem so moody and blue
Without you, by my side

Time keep on slipping out of my hand
My life’s not the way I planned
Time keep on slipping, into the dark
This is not my promised land
Ever since we bought this house
In any case of emergency
Got a plan all worked out
Still I can’t sleep at night must see something
Wrong with me

Everyday seem so…

Time keep on…

Silver spoons lending credit to a ring
Hidden in the foreplay
Much too soon the rivers have run dry
You’re a stranger on a portray
In this paradise we’ve lost the spark of hope
And faith
And the love we used to have, has a lack of intensity
I see the difference now from my point of view
When I look back at all those wasted years
Patterns of my life

Beware of the serpent who’s sleeping in your
Arms tonight
I hear your tongue speaking with two voices

You can’t fool me now
I don’t believe a word

I want the life I had before you stepped into my
Private’s world
I’ve been a fool to let you in
A snake in paradise
A life in sin
In our happy childhood taking to the woods
Playing in the sun always being good
Playing in the sun, till our wings got burned…

Time keep on…