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Confira a Letra Forgive Me


Forgive Me

I was walking down the same way, when i felt down the street
all the fireman were coming, was a cat up on the tree.
they said was going on, i was drinking a chamoy,
when i saw you're face in joy moy, remembered that moment
when i just know, you were going to said no

everything was dark and weer, it looked like the final day was here
you make your decision, cannot make transitions,
just wait for you in that competition
what can i do , call the budu,
or even go to a conccert and sing with U2

but that wont change a thing, or the way that i think
until you go out with me , and let me invite you a drink


so, whats up? lets make a party, but please don't dance with larry,
my cousen got married, and that just to scary

i hope one day, i can fly on the sky,
and don't get hit by a light, cause this is what i liked
and i forgot to ask you, if you can give me a good bye

now i am tired, i'll end this song,
but i just wanna said one thing
if you could forgive me for what i did