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Confira a Letra Holiday

Venke Knutson


It's started kind of hazy (yeah yeah yeah)
And somehow i gave in to temptation
I thought that you would've pleased me (yeah yeah yeah)
But all i got was false accusations
But then you tried to break me (no no no no)
And lived all to your bad reputation

There should be a holiday for girls like me
Just to get some time to pack my bags and breathe
And maybe you will get it when you'll watch me leave
Cause it's time to say goodbye

You see i made my mind up when i got that bruise
And if you really wanna know the truth
I'm not the kind of girl who say this for excuses
And i know i'll be alright

I might as well just say it (just say you know it)
We always were a bad combination
You're old enough to take it (yeah yeah yeah)
Don't need to hear your sad explanations
Don't tell me we'll make it (no no no no)
We both know that is false information


And it's no way you'll turn it around
'cause i won't let you hold me down
Everybody knows, everybody knows it honey, everybody knows, everybody knows..

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