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Confira a Letra Under The Radar


Under The Radar

Discarded rubbish left to dissolve like a castaway
Stamped as a reject, sworn to reject, you're a castaway
No one will have you, nowhere to call home, you're a
Nameless stray, rules don't apply, no I won't follow
I'm no master's slave scarred at birth, bloodstained

Never sold, thrown away
No false salvation can alter the mind of a castaway
No regulations will straighten the path of a castaway
Antisocial, anti-society, we're all castaways

They fashion the leash, but I won't wear it
I'm no bastard's slave scarred at birth, bloodstained
Never old, thrown away
On the surface we appear to comply only because

That makes us harder to detect
Under the radar, under the radar
Dismantling the plans, sabotaging the schemes
Skewing the numbers, shattering the dreams