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Confira a Letra Keep It Cool

The Aggrolites

Keep It Cool

Oh my friends keep telling me
You wanne be -
Girl you keep on coming back
I try to -
Woman dont get me wrong
I dont want you back
And seeing you with those other man
Wont put me on the front track

Im not gonna wine
Whining is foor fools
If you keep on pushing
Im gonna break my cool

Got to keep it cool now
Don't play the fool now

Babe dont think -

When you're in the crowd
I look at you no more

Im nog gonna fuzz
Fuzzing is for fools
If you keep on pushing
Im gonna break my cool

Cause Im not gonna cry
Crying is foor fools
Girl you just pushed it
I lost my cool

She dont play the rules now
You lost your cool now

I aint wanna cry
Oh yeah

I just lost my cool
And you made me the fool now
Crying over you
I just played the fool
Oh yeah