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Confira a Letra Mr. Misery

The Aggrolites

Mr. Misery

I say hey, HEY
Oh oh oh
I say hey, HEY
Oh oh oh

Do you see that?
Do you hear that?
There goes Mr. Misery
Can you feel him?
As he breathing,
On down your neck
Do you know him?
Do you hate him?
'Cus you know he don't like you
Can you tell him,
You don't like him?

Here he comes, Mr Misery
To ruin the day

He hates everything and everything all else
His world, is so ugly
Black & white and everything's so old
And when he's near you
You can see all the blood in his body is do damn cold

Sail away, Mr Misery
I quit knowing you
'Cus all you do is make things worse
And what you put me through


Here he comes, Mr Misery
To ruin the day
Get him out, away from here
'Cus now we do it our way
Do you feel that?
Do you feel that?
There goes Mr Misery
Things are good now
'Cus he's gone now
So play that music man, let's party

Nothing good can come from his old life
Only bad things and worse things