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Confira a Letra God's Gift (Maggot)

Skinny Puppy

God's Gift (Maggot)

To a life left screaming cry this holy god mercury to no degree
Early lies to blaspheme eye sky skies
Limit deceiving in this darkened splay growing back at the invoid
You're bloody righteous declare the light wounding
Forever judgement of his righteousness
Certain man feel the pain fighting back name ruler the ??? the
Gentle black we're falling down nuns in ice maggots fill the brain
Falling down falling rain rain atomic rain all is law in the power of god lies
A scream neptune bedroom with a grin
Where the messiuer walks down the phantoms living out miseries
It's on god's gift maggots
I saw it heal the fate no less then back again open wound in a
Splash on the side mouthwash
God gave us maggots

(at 3:00 into the song i developed a terrible headache and said fuck it..
There is approximately a minute and a half left to go in this one
If anyone feels up to it...)

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