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Confira a Letra New Heavens Above The New Land

Seventh Angel (Ucrânia)

New Heavens Above The New Land

On change to winter there comes spring,
In the stead of spring long-awaited summer.
Time has come to wake up from dream,
Differently your song will end.

The Refrain:
Otherwise your enemy will come for you,
Otherwise the enemy will win,
But in ruthless war with a satan
You cannot remain one .
There will be new heavens
Above the new land.
And the true Savior
There will be with you!

It is necessary to think, what for you live?
What for you work hard at yourself this sky?
It is time to distinguish, where the truth where lie,
And to distinguish bitter poison from sweet bread

The Refrain.

The past in the past, tomorrow comes…
The Rain from love will specify a way to you.
It leaves forward as a light ray,
To the new heavens and the new land.