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Confira a Letra Hackled In Gore

Scrambled Defuncts

Hackled In Gore

Unanimated torsos suspended on extensed tendons
Dilatived glottises glutted with bleeding adrenals
I crunch the encrusted hard fire-branded limbs
Penetrate their eyes with convolded huckle-bones

Pithless rumpled children bleat, lensed by me
They will decease earlier than ruptured and bisected
Labefacted organs boil down in ebullited leach
Ligaments of avulsed eyes apported into plies

Brains unstuck from skulls cleaved with hatchet
Stoppled aortae brayed in heaps with marrow
Floundering fetuses sheeted with dislodged feel
Splintered and chapped stubs dipped into deflated pus

Outlying haggled palates filled with sticky semen
Sharp-cut crooks percolate furled nape of the necks
Nerve-knots burst in measly jabbed with needles
I lick cut out genitals rended from the nates

Mutilated infants regorge in jerks the rectums
I ingest their choler, helminths are my commensals
Bumped torsioned thyroids scarred in full-length
Glabrous and secluded heads flump on the ground

Flayed footless children curved on the grindiron
The degistive tracts put in slimed mash
I inhaust the piss from the snicked ureters
Abundant micturition causes the mordant of cauls

Perches ornated with scorched shivering bodies
Glandules seared with live coal implode
I ease the suffering of burked and weakened infants
Fondling with tongue their overgrounded scabs

Whey-faced fleshy children underlie slabbed mothers
Quiescent prolated, they keep back with connective tissue
Cheek-bones collapsed, indented haunches abrupted
Windpipes stuffed with taluses, lids furred with rheum

I put my knife into snarled flawed intestines
And create fossilized gangrenous flesh