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Confira a Letra Burnt Alive

Scrambled Defuncts

Burnt Alive

Poignant effluvium of children burnt alive
Fills the space surrounded with dejection fumes
Expectorated blood turns into the ashes
Exsiccated meat rots on smashed faces

Fire comprises children's formless flesh
Pierced in many places with sharp skivers
Derived corrupted organs bursting loud
Splashing everywhere the spumant pus

Exaggerated intestines slowly melted
Piles of exhumated cadavers disappear in stove
Ribs stick out from the mangled sternum
Fleshless covers triturated in powder

Mangled and deformed with blunt axes
Children bake in immense barbecues
Grumes of blood pulverize on the walls inside
Dissected slabs, petrified meat coal

Disintered corpses demolited into smithereens
Goes on the fermentation of decomposed entrails
Mucus rash covers the cut out larynx
From esophagus convulsive vomit splashes

Spines pulled out from maimed chopped backs
Butchered infants get cold in the dirt
Painful turning into the ashes goes on
Scalped bodies drenched with festered excretion

Gutted corpses spit through slit crotches
Snapping bones, pus dripping from foul sores
Encaustic gelded torsos covered with singes
Indurated limbs hacked, faces smashed up

Diversed parts of disentombed remains
Vanished quick in red-hot huge stove
Perish verminous disrupted children's bodies
Fire completes the work begun by me