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Confira a Letra Path To Glory

Sacred Gate

Path To Glory

Brothers the hour to defend
Our homeland has come
For sparta and greece
We will spill our blood

No turning back,
This battle we can't avoid
One king will die for sparta
Will be destroyed

We enter the realm
Of our God of war
The last shades of fear
Abandon pur souls
Obey our laws
To die or prevail
Fight as you lived
I know you won't fail

I only trust the men
By my side
The men who will bleed
For me in the fight
Brothers tonight in
Hades we'll dine
For glory, for honour,
For sparta we will die

The persians want to
Send us to hell
But they don't know
We are already the styx,
A river of blood
We are the hades,
We are home now

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