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Confira a Letra Handsome Devil's benediction

Quiet Drive

Handsome Devil's benediction

My head is wrong
My thoughts are gone
But I hope to find that personality
That makes me feel happiness
Against the grain
Realize your pain
But I hope to find some temporality
Brace yourself for this next injunctive
You'll be living your life your own way
Just graduate gradually.

Why did you finally realize that in my mind you're a
Catastrophic complication?
Why did you finally figure out that it's not only
Just a new love situation?

My heart is gone
My thought was wrong
But I hope to find that
Imperfection that makes me feel whole again
Against your car
I'll press you now
With the hope to find some sensuality
Brace yourself for this next in juncture
You'll be living your life your own way
Stimulate. Stimulate.


What do you want from me? (What did you want from me?)
What did you think you'd know? (What did you think you'd know?)
I needed time to breath, (I need to)
You needed time to grow (Grow)
What's? I cannot see. (I cannot see)
Is it in front of me?
I don't know what you need.
Why can't I just say no?

It's not a part of me,
That's pushing you from me.
I don't know where to be.
You've got it. I've got it.
There's nothing wrong with me.
I don't know what you see.
You would be there for me.
You needed room to grow.