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Confira a Letra Punk Rock Girls

The Queers

Punk Rock Girls

Leather jackets, stupid boyfriends
poor report cards, life is just a ball
Hi-top chucks and bubblegum oh my gosh
I'd love to love em all
They're so cool,their styles never cramped
Too much of everything and everyone is amped
Well don't get hot and bothered
listen, I know I got my problems
I also know just what this goofy world needs
Yummy yummy punk rock girls(x4)
I wish they were all punk rock girls
The smartest of the smartest and the
sweetest of the sweetest, they're the most
Me and Dr. Frank have both decided that we love
them more than toast
I wish they'd let me share there bubblegum
And let me hang with them and life would be so fun
I should be sedated cause my heart is all inflated
I guess I gotta get me one or two
I don't know where I'm going but I know just
where I'd like to be
With my punk rock girlfriend kissing me
lets go