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Confira a Letra Junk Freak

The Queers

Junk Freak

We're the Titanics and we're not the Voodoo Dolls
We're not Bullet LaVolta and we ain't the 8-balls
We're not as famous as the Pixies or the Bags
Hey, we maybe the Queers but we ain't no fags

I keep on hoping you'll wake up, ya losers
Use what's left of your brain
You don't have to tell me how great you are
Ya stupid, stupid, stupid kid
Ya junk freak etc, etc

This guitar wasn't paid for by my mom and dad
I'm not a college boy in a band, pretending I'm bad
See I'm a loser, a **** up, and an asshole just like you
In my punk rock band thinking I'm so cool


My girlfriends never satisfied no matter what I do
Hell??? baby, I'm not to impressed with you
I'm sorry wwe're not as famous as Gang Green
We're the queers and I am Joe King