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Confira a Letra Unforseen Forces


Unforseen Forces

In the year 500 after death
Was the cataclysmic event that brought the demise

A volcanic mountain erupted and shattered
Climatic patterns affected now changed
Plant and human life was plunged into darkness,
For about 20 years
Food was short, disease ran rampant
Night now darkens the day

Storms of rain, soot and ash, fell down from this darkened sky
Filling the fields with snow not white
Winter that lasts the whole year, too cold to raise a crop
Gold can't buy you food, when there is none to be bought

Oh destruction of mankind
Could have taken place, but we had the strength
To live through the hardships of the hardest times
The darkest times

Moving plates in the ground
Affects the crust below
Mt. Krakatau now faces
Unforeseen Forces of Mother Nature

First thought to be a comet
That brought this change
But now the trees
Out silent witness can tell us the truth

Unforeseen Forces of Mother Nature