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Confira a Letra Think Tank Trials

Napalm Death

Think Tank Trials

Think tank trials
Thought it out
Think tank trials
Thought it out and drew just blanks

When the simple terms elude me

Think tank trials
Short wavelengths
Static spins my head

When the simple terms elude me

Inquisition has a basic function
I've exhausted
I've overthought
Searcher overwrought in dour
Aimless walls

Dead set against indecision
Sweat the details, still fail
I'll contemplate while logic vacates
The dour, aimless walls

The heaped-up agitation
Of the narcissistic - Brood
Yet I won't entertain the simplistic
Viewpoints flood into every frame
- Brood
Removed over time from seeing
Anything straight

Scrutinize, obsess

Think tank trials
Think tank trials
And drew just blanks

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