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Confira a Letra Stubborn Stains

Napalm Death

Stubborn Stains

"No" is the utterance duly
Strangled by omnipotence
Dire comebacks call a halt
To any visions of furtherance

Doggedly scoured away
Like a stubborn stain

For I am a product inferior
To inferior product
I am snarled in the links
Of your supply chains

Left to spread
Treat as stubborn stains

Of molestation and machinery and man
No molestations in those
Quirky ad campaigns

I am long pinned down
You'll find me under buildings and
Your tawdry, hateful malpractice
I am long pinned down
I am the invisible smear on your
Sorely tempting price tag
And as perishable as your product
I can just be thrown away
I am the invisible smear

Treat as stubborn stains

Spurious lament
Without a neck to hang their
Corporate heads in shame
They will breeze on through
Quite unscathed
Turn a profit and turn away

Of molestation and machinery and man
Short-lived stubborn stain

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