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Confira a Letra Orders Of Magnitude

Napalm Death

Orders Of Magnitude

Efficiency action
For unprecedented tragedy
Befallen calamities
In the light of what's happening

By orders of magnitude
Polluting our altitude

Thus we drift towards
Unprecedented catastrophes
The coalition of the willing
- Diabolical energy

By orders of magnitude
- Contaminates latitude

Orders of approximation
For geometric means
Generating smoke screens
For our transmuted genes

Pressures mount
On seismic encounters
Omitting man-made elements
Immediate danger to all life forms
Offering a chorus of soothing denial

Power of the essence
A strange psychology
An era of scarce resources
And casualty strategies

The calamity has befallen
Despite heroic efforts
It's growing increasingly grave
Instability continues to reign

Eco-shock - Fills our seas,
Bone disease, Filling our skies
Followed with lies

Singular cancers
Absolute disasters
Ironic tragedy
Dark aspects of chemistry

Contaminate the cradle of civilisation

Divisions of atomic casualties
And bent fuel industries
As horrific situations unfold
It's a nuclear future ten fold

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