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Confira a Letra This Means War

Napalm Death

This Means War

Savagery - As judgment days arrive
Long we have waited for this time
How many brothers fallen?
How many kept alive as slaves for the wicked few?
Tis time for reparations
Tis time to settle scores
This time we give no warning
This means war!

Savagery - Tis now our spirit overflows
War - Our minds are focused; we are one!
Hear now the winds of change
A force to obviate
All the enemies naked now
All the smoke gone and
All the mirrors are broken
Lost - Empires crumble; destiny
Behold! I crusader no retreat

Years of complacency on the part of the mob
Feeding on lies - so slothed, so full this is it
Restless and tolerance nearing its peak
Woe to the next ones who push us too far

Our love is now replaced by war
Life cannot be spared
Our victory at hand and by my hand
I slay the first and the last will follow
As we watch these wicked bleed
No rest for soldiers
Till purge is done
No salvation until we drench this earth

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