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Confira a Letra Blood Trance Fusion


Blood Trance Fusion

Night falls on these filthy streets
At dead ends, where we meet

Oh doctor
What have you got?

He reaches out a steady hand
In his palm is not my brand

"You can't find this anywhere
And I would know
This will take you anywhere
You dare to go"

Black pill staring up at me
I can't ignore
It's no longer up to me
As I crush and snort

Oh doctor
Give me the dose
Oh doctor
Blood from my nose

Flashes of light
Ready to fight
Into the night
Demons are taking control

Burning with lust
Covered in cuts
Sick in the guts
Poison has swallowed me whole

Plunging a knife
Twisting it twice
Taking a life
And wanting to do it again

Under a spell
Violent as well
Tripping to hell
Then three days later it ends

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