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Confira a Letra Something More

It Prevails

Something More

Looking in your eyes I knew
You were the one who would hold me close,
The one that wouldn't let go.
I have an open heart to change,
The ones I love sometimes do say things
And turn and walk away from me.

And that's okay the hardest part of being human
Is learning to let go and pick your battles well.

If patience is a virtue, we are waiting patiently.
Time will show us who we are whether or not we'd like to see.
This idea we call life is to become the best that you can be,
I'm trying harder everyday to find the man that I plan to be,

I found you, across the lines.
Too late you left me wondering why I am here, I'm done wasting time.
I crossed the line,
I'm done wasting time, wasting time.

It was always something more to me.
It was everything, it was something more to me,
But you turned and walked away,
Of all the lonely times, I'll see this through

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