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Confira a Letra Capture and Embrace

It Prevails

Capture and Embrace

The fragility of a days time, is never enough to capture, the essence of our most sought after lives.
Now, we sleep.
Why are we so tired?
Exhaustion just blurs everything.
Now we must wake and seize.
Invigorate once again and embrace everything.
And there are times when my mind won't receive anything, I find these are my darkest days.
In heart and mind I find it hard to remain myself when everything is collapsing around me.
Can we remain awake long enough to feel again?
Can we retain enough thought to feel brand new again?
Can we remain?
Awake enough to truly feel again?
Can we embrace?
Will I ever know how many steps to climb?
And what it will take for me t wake and embrace this path.
And Isn't it enough that every breath I give falls short of what this life demands.
So here I stand, to capture and embrace everything that will come my way...

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