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Confira a Letra Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

It Prevails

Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

Though hard times seem to be pressed against us,
i see a light ahead now, and the times has come for each of us to go, and learn.
And become what we have been dreamming of.
Just get me out.
Today is yesterdays Tomorrow, and we might not be here tomorrow.
We have to make the best of every second we have.
This could be the last time, that I (we) breath in.
Because there are things upon this earth we as human beigns are not meant to endure, like being
subject to an overall judgemental society. It makes me sick to know that my life will
be represented by the world we are in now.
Get me out.
Get me out of this world.
This is something I fear time cannot heal for me.
Everyday it's getting harder to find the energy.
It makes us sick to know that our lives will be represented by this world that
we are existing in now...

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