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Confira a Letra At Least Understand

It Prevails

At Least Understand

I only hope you understand
The invigoration
That has filled me
Within' these
Past coming years
I have felt more
Than any other living
Being on this earth
I was born with a resentment
Only few can understand
But to capture everything
I'm yearning
For within' this moment
Is a feat most men
Can't comprehend
Within' their lifetime
I have fallen
From grace in your eyes
Only to ache
From the will to return
To the place in your heart
I know i've captivated
Something in you
After all these years
If you can't see
At least understand
I don't believe
That i have ever seen
Your eyes look so tired
In my mind
It's better
If we both take time apart
And fix ourselves
If i decide to reunite
With an old friend
Or make amends
Or just pretend
To be alright
With who you are
Well i'm not

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