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Confira a Letra Insane Vein Invading Inner Spaces

Infernal Poetry

Insane Vein Invading Inner Spaces

Who are you? knocking at my head?!
I know you!
I meet you somewhere else…
Who are you? Invading my own thoughts?!
Try to guess…
Turn your eyes away…
Your sight is mine, anyway…
I can't trust in anyone
I can't last one minute more
I think to what I used to
I can't set my brain free
Who are you?
I've always been your shadow…
Where are you?
Wherever you might be…
What are you?
The sweetest smart disease…
Why right me?
You are just another one…
You're lying!
So, just tell me what to do!
Never trust in any other kill your brother, rape your mother…
Why brother?
He has stolen your own blood…
Why my mother?
She's to blame more than others…
I am dreaming eyes open wide?!?
No dear mate, and don't forget your sweet bride…
I will never do it!
You will.
I will never do!
You will.
I will never…
You will.
I will…