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Confira a Letra The Evil Song


The Evil Song

You shouldn't laugh in a chuch - it's evil.
Don't clap your hands for a man - it's evil.
You wish charisma is good - it's evil.
Don't praise the Lord with a dance - it's evil.

Hear the tritone in music? We know it's evil.
Too heavy music is loud - it's evil.
How dare you doubt me? Oh, how evil!
Maybe you think this song is evil?

Have you heard them say
you're somehow wrong?
Even Jesus was accused so!

Forgive me Father, I still can't see
There's a giant beam
in my eye and I can't beat it.
There's a million opinions
telling me how I should be
to give them what they need.

Forgive me Father, I still can't hear
there's a lot of fear
in my mind, I tend to feed it.

If you're sure of yourself and
know this is an evil song,
could even you be wrong?

Block your chimney from Santa - I'm sure he's evil.
If you're a redhead you must be evil.
Don't give your pumpkin a smile - it's evil.
How can you know what is truly evil?