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Confira a Letra Hands of Grace


Hands of Grace

Hands of grace
If you think being someone different
Could make you feel somehow more complete
Be more loved, you're so wrong
Keep walking on hand in his hand

Hand in hand, hand in hand
Keep walking on hand in his hand

If you see all being taken from you
There's no treasure greater than which
You receive hand in his hand
He's holding all things in his hand

In his hand, in his hand
Keep walking on hand in his hand

Beauty light up by grace
I see in your face
I see in your face, you who are
So broken by all those people who define
What of god's creation has been made well
All of god's creation is made well
All that our god created he made well

People have trampled down as worthless
All that god once created perfectly
People are so evil
But we can be restored in his grace

In his grace, in his grace
You can be graceful in his grace

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