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Confira a Letra Dakara Hitori Ja Nai (English Version)


Dakara Hitori Ja Nai (English Version)

Gonna triumph
How come I am the only one to always face a hurricane?
Back then I used to think it all so meaningless (was so alone)

But everything began to change
We’re getting closer day by day
Together, we can take off and chase after
All those fleeting dreams

You’ll find the answers if you search the sky (search the sky)
But that’s a lie, why can’t it be that easy? (ohh)
But now’s the time to prove that we’re alive
Take a chance, you never know
Come on let’s go – Whoa!

Again we’re crying but trying
To prove we can overcome it
I know that we’ll rise above it each and every time
(Everything will be fine!)

I’ll reach for your hand
Yeah, my friend
You are not alone this time

So, make a vow in your heart –
In your heart –
In your heart
To not give up
Gonna triumph